About Sonic Architecture

Designed to engage all ages and skill levels in communal music making and sonic explorations, our innovative sound sculptures are available either individually or as an integrated ensemble for any outdoor recreational or educational setting.  All of our sound sculptures are precision fabricated in the USA and designed for ultimate durability, low maintenance and easy bolt-down installation.


Co-Founders Mary Buchen & Bill Buchen

Bill and Mary Buchen are artists and designers who have been pioneers in the public art sector for over 40 years. They have created numerous installations and performances that explore the relationship between sound and space. Their interactive sound sculpture designs are featured in science centers, schools, children’s museums, and playgrounds around the world.  The Buchens' work often blurs the boundaries between art, architecture, and music, inviting viewers to engage with their surroundings in new and unexpected ways. Their installations have been exhibited internationally and have received acclaim for their innovative approach to integrating sound into the built environment.

"Our innate desire to express ourselves through song and dance is propelled by our response to rhythmic drumming. It's our only non-verbal universal language."

Mary Buchen | Co-Founder & Artist


grandmother playing with granddaughter in the park


People of all ages enjoy tapping out rhythms together. Discovering the vibrant world of rhythms and excitement. Different shapes and sizes make the drums inclusive for everyone.

man playing drums


Drawing inspiration from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Sonic Architecture offers cultural resonance that can be heard and seen. Developed from years of study, travel, and performance, the sculptures reflect the richness and depth of the world's percussive traditions. Specific designs are available for unique communities and cultural traditions. 

Handcrafted art that resonates

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