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Why Interactive?

We enhance your projects by incorporating public engagement and music making with award winning style. The sculptures bring families and all age groups together in communal music making. By playing music individually or as an intergenerational group, kids and adults gain cognitive and physical play skills. Our drums can be tailored to fit diverse cultural influences. In addition, we can create custom works that respond to light and wind as well as provide shade structures to shield from the sun.

Many of our artworks create no sound at all, and only augment speaking and listening. Others like the drums have a decibel range quieter than traffic noise or kids at a school playground. Traffic noise at your site? Ameliorate it with one of our sonic solutions such as Wind Reeds

We design drums that are tables and seats that are drums. Innovation in design and elegance are integral to our mission.

Our basic production line reflects our best selling and most economical items, and we can create custom installations such as musical windmills, science playgrounds, sound playgrounds, and wind harps for larger budgets and spaces. Project budgets range from single sculptural elements to multi-million dollar transit systems, science museums and sound playgrounds.

We can combine any of our artworks in different configurations to meet any need and budget. Having worked closely with noted landscape architects, architects, municipalities, and state agencies for the past 30 years, we can design innovative solutions for tight spaces, mobility device access, and playgrounds sited over garages & rooftops. We have a design solution for almost any situation.

Sonic Architecture Inc warrants replacement of any items or components found to be defective during the manufacturer’s guarantee for a period of one year.

These are musical sculptures, not play equipment. No safety surface or fall zones are required.

All our products are designed to be configured to meet all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

It’s beautiful, lasts 100 years, no painting is required and sounds amazing!

The main source of raw material for making stainless steels is recycled scrap metal.  Stainless adds little to the waste stream and has a life of 100 years or more.

Stainless steel is rugged, durable and lasts a lifetime. Graffiti clean up is quick and easy. All listening and speaking sculptures have grates to prevent leaves or debris from entering.

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