Listening Dish

These interconnected 4-foot 'big ears' communicate over 100', and bring conversations up close and personal.

Listening Dishes

The interconnected network of four-foot 'big ears' represents a remarkable feat of technological ingenuity, facilitating communication over vast distances of up to 100 feet. This innovative design allows for intimate conversations to be brought to the forefront, transcending the barriers of distance and amplifying the sense of closeness between individuals. By bridging the spatial gap with its advanced capabilities, these 'big ears' create an immersive experience where every whisper and nuance is rendered in vivid detail, fostering a sense of personal connection even across expansive environments.

With their ability to bring conversations up close and personal, these interconnected listening dishes redefine the dynamics of interaction and engagement. Whether in bustling crowds or expansive landscapes, they serve as conduits for shared experiences, allowing individuals to communicate with clarity and immediacy. This heightened sense of proximity not only enhances the quality of interpersonal communication but also fosters a deeper sense of connection and understanding, enriching the fabric of human interaction in diverse settings.

Sold as a set of two dishes.

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