Telephone Tubes

Linked by underground pipes, paired serpentine tubes are color matched for developing cognitive learning skills! Yellow talks to yellow, blue talks to blue and red talks to red.

Telephone Tubes

Linked by a network of underground pipes, paired serpentine tubes form a whimsical and educational installation designed to enhance cognitive learning skills.

Each tube is meticulously color-matched, creating a visually engaging environment where yellow connects with yellow, blue converses with blue, and red interacts with red. Through this color-coded system, children are encouraged to explore and experiment, fostering cognitive development as they identify and match colors while engaging in imaginative play.

As children interact with the serpentine tubes, they not only strengthen their color recognition abilities but also develop problem-solving skills and spatial awareness. The interconnected nature of the tubes prompts collaboration and communication among participants as they navigate the colorful pathways together. This playful yet educational installation creates an immersive learning experience that stimulates creativity and fosters a sense of curiosity, making cognitive learning both engaging and enjoyable.

Sold as one set, 2 Telephone Tubes.

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