Triple Play

Incorporating three frame drums on one stand, Triple Play represents universal drum forms found throughout Europe, the Americas, and Asia. It features three playing surfaces, is easy to play from all sides, is a great value, and a centerpiece of percussive play.

Triple Play

Triple Play stands as a testament to the global diversity of drumming traditions, ingeniously integrating three frame drums onto a single stand. Each drum represents a distinct facet of percussion from Europe, the Americas, and Asia, showcasing the rich tapestry of rhythmic expression across continents. Its design, featuring three playable surfaces, ensures accessibility and ease of use from all sides, fostering inclusivity in musical exploration. Beyond its practicality, Triple Play offers exceptional value, providing musicians with a versatile and comprehensive percussive toolkit in one compact package.

As a centerpiece of percussive play, Triple Play invites artists to delve into a world of creative possibilities. Its harmonious blend of drum forms encourages experimentation and collaboration, transcending cultural boundaries to create new sonic landscapes. Whether used in solo performances or ensemble settings, Triple Play captivates audiences with its immersive and dynamic soundscape. By uniting diverse drumming traditions, this innovative ensemble serves as a symbolic bridge between cultures, celebrating the universal language of rhythm while honoring the unique heritage of each drumming style.

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